NOR Metals helps charities and non-profit organizations and introduces the “Heart of gold Project”

We put our expertise at your service and use our client portfolio to organize targeted fundraisers no matter where you are in the country.


Individuals’ customers, jewelers, dentist, labs

Our “Heart of Gold Program” allows you to choose, within our list of partners the organization you wish to help and donate to. If you are already a member or a separate organization you wish to donate to, just let us know and we will arrange for the donation to that organization!

We give you the opportunity to make a difference by donating anything you own that could contain precious metals.

We will make the donation out to the organization you have chosen, in your name and provide you with the donation certificate and proof of payment from the organization.


Non-Profits and Charity Organizations

Here’s a sample of who we can help Hospitals:
• Churches
• Schools, Colleges & Universities
• Registered Charities
• Non-profits & Foundations
• Animals cruelty organizations
• NGO’s
• Private & Public corporations
• Community Centers
• Sports Teams
• Social Causes
• and more…

It doesn’t matter if you are an internationally recognized brand or a locally run charity, we are here to help and lend a hand, no matter what!

The Heart of Gold Project offers different alternatives to collect funds from your donor base, or from dental pratices around the country.

We provide your donors with the opportunity to donate any broken or unused jewelry, golden coins, dental crowns or anything they own that may contain precious metals.

We all have hidden, lost and forgotten treasures in our homes… We give your donors the opportunity to turn their unused items such as broken or old jewelry, old dental crowns or even gold coins into donations to help you in your mission.

Using our know-how and manpower, we then process whatever is collected in the metal to send out a donation to the organization, all in the donator’s name.

If your project is found to be suitable, your organization will be able to take full advantage of our extensive client network, enabling you to join numerous associations already partnered with NORMETALS the “Heart of Gold Project”.

“If you own old dental scrap or broken jewelry, don’t let it sit at the bottom of you drawer, make a difference!”