Service for Crematory

We recycle all precious metals remaining after a cremation or removed and collected before a cremation. This includes dental implants, jewelry and anything else that could contain precious metal parts. Dental materials are by far the most valuable metals remaining after cremation because a lot of them contain precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver. Make sure that all tiny metallic fragments are carefully collected after cremation regardless of their size or condition.

We collect the metal waste periodically and transport it to our facilities for treatment. All pickup and analysis services are completely free of charge for all of our clients! When you start working with us for the recycling of your remaining metals, we provide you with free wheelie bins or boxes. All metals that remain after cremation then gets collected in these bins or boxes. We usually collect the bins once or twice a year or upon request according to your needs.


Payout Options

1. Donate

  • Once your metal waste has been collected and processed, we give you the opportunity to donate the proceeds to deserving charities or non profit organizations. You can either pick an organization from our extensive list of partners or pick your own charity and let us know!
  • The funds will be donated in your name and NOR Metals will provide you with a certificate of donation.

2. Payout

  • We collect and recycle your scrap, we can provide you with a payment in any for that you like. We can wire the money to your account, send a check, a money order or even pay you back with fine metal! You pick your favorite option and we take care of the rest! Doesn’t get much easier than this.