We process:

• Sprues
• Dental Crowns and bridges
• Gold wafers (lingotins)
• Gold bars
• Goldcast-offs
• Gold rejects
• Filing / powder
• Dental alloy
• Buttons
• Alloy
• Platinium Foil
• Splashes

• Sweeps/sweepings
• Filter bags
• Polishings
• Grinds/Bench sweeps
• Bench grindings (poli)
• Filter bags
• Carpets
• Dust bags
• Vacuum bags

• Mercury
• Lead
• Amalgam

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Nor Metals and dentists

NOR Metals, has been providing refining services for the dental industry since 1981 What started as a small family business has now grown into an industry leader. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best dental scrap return by using the most accurate refining techniques.

Determining the value of dental scrap can be very challenging because dental gold is often alloyed with many different metals. Don’t overlook the “white/silver » crowns. They can contain gold, in addition to platinum and palladium. But it is also possible that many silver and even some yellow-gold items may not contain any precious metal at all. You will simply have to send them in and let us assay them.

All lots are identified and controlled individually. Every lot received is evaluated by our processing manager to determine the most efficient method of processing.

We refine all types of dental gold, platinum and palladium waste but also sweep, grindings, cuttings and filings. After the process within 10 working days you receive a clear and easy to read assay report with your payment.

What to expect

• Free collection of the waste by our experts or delivery •
• Recycling of your precious metals waste in a very short turn-around time •
• Detailed analysis of 4 precious metals Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium •
• Assay by lead-fire or X-ray fluorescence •
• Valuation and payment on the London Stock Exchange rate •
• Payment by cash, check, wire transfer or restitution of the refined gold •

We understand the importance of getting the best return, trust, reliability, availability and speed. We won’t let you down!

How to determine the value of metal objects


A large number of dentists & dental practices are accustomed to receiving cash, on the spot, for their scrap based on weight. This is simply not the most beneficial way to approach scrap refining. There is no way to determine what the precise metal content is by weight and color alone. There are hundreds of different dental alloys, some very rich in gold and palladium, some are totally non-precious. The only way to determine this is to melt, sample and assay it!

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