We process:

• Old Gold
• Filings / Powder
• Gold scrap
• Dental Crowns and bridges
• Gold wafers (lingotins)
• Gold bars
• Dental alloy
• Buttons
• Alloys
• Platinum Foil
• Splashes

• Sweeps/Sweepings
• Filter bags
• Polishing
• Grinds/Bench Sweeps
• Bench grindings
• Filter Bags
• Carpets
• Dust bags
• Vacuum bags

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Nor Metals Jewelers and Jeweler Manufacturer

NOR METALS, has been providing refining services for the Jewelry industry since 1981. What started out as a small family business has now grown into an industry leader. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best gold scrap return by using the most professional and highest standard refining techniques.

NOR METALS is a full service refinery for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We specialize in refining for the jewelry industry, processing all materials from scrap to polishing and sweeps with a very short turn-around time. From the smallest karat scrap to the largest, our advanced technology provides our customers the highest possible returns with the most competitive charging fees.

All lots are identified and controlled individually. Every lot received is evaluated by our processing manager to determine the most efficient method of processing.

NOR Metals guarantees you complete confidentiality.

What to expect

• Free collection of the waste by our experts or delivery •
• Recycling of your precious metals waste in a very short turn-around time •
• Detailed analysis of 4 precious metals Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium •
• Assay by lead-fire or X-ray fluorescence •
• Valuation and payment on the London Stock Exchange rate •
• Payment by cash, check, wire transfer or restitution of the refined gold •

We understand the importance of getting the best return, trust, reliability, availability and speed. We won’t let you down!


Stone Removal

Recovering diamonds and gemstones from your scrap jewelry can be time consuming when you attempt the removal on your own. Upon your request, we can remove most of your precious stones quickly and safely. We will remove any easily removable stones and inserts and will do our best to remove any that you specifically request. On the open market small used stones have little to no value but you may use them to repair some jewelry. Once stones and inserts have been removed, the items are weighed again to adjust the final quote. We send you back with your payment all the removed stones.


Everyone is concerned by recycling plastic, paper and glass, but most people have no idea that recycling their unwanted gold and silver items means doing something truly amazing for our planet.

You must now that extracting only a few grams (or the weight of a …) generates nearly 30 tons of new mine waste?

Recycling your old gold jewelry means you’re helping save having to pull this expensive metal out of the ground, leaving behind tons of contaminated waste. It’s time to recycle!



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