Miscellaneous Provisions


The materials to be processed shall be taken by NOR Metals Corp. at NOR Metals Corp.’s expense. NOR Metals Corp. shall remain liable for the materials to be processed during transportation of said materials or during the treatment process only in the event of a serious breach of practice. In the event that damage cannot be proven, compensation shall be calculated on the basis of average results obtained by NOR Metals Corp. for comparable orders.


  1. Any and all complaints shall be sent within two weeks with effect from receipt of the said report. All complaints issued after the two-week period shall be disregarded. Complaints shall be deemed admissible only if issued in writing. The provisions specified herein under apply solely to admissible complaints.
  2. NOR Metals Corp. shall pay forthwith the entire price whenever the client provides the proof of the contents of materials shipped as precious metals.
  3. In the event of failure to provide proof as defined in Article VI.2 herein above, the client shall submit the results of at least two comparable processes (equivalent substances to be processed and comparable quantities) as drawn up by processing companies less than one year prior to signing this Contract. In the event that the said companies’ results exceed the results obtained by NOR Metals Corp.) by at least twenty per cent, NOR Metals Corp. shall formulate its decision in light of all relevant circumstances should the said price be recalculated. The new price shall, however, be equal to no more than the maximum of the average of results obtained by NOR Metals Corp. and the said processing companies whose results have been notified.


Any and all disputes arising from this Contract shall be referred exclusively to the Paris Courts.

This Contract and all matters arising shall be subject to French law.

In the event that any one or more of the provisions stipulated in this Contract should be rendered null and void, the other provisions shall remain in effect.