How to ship

Here at NOR Metals we are dedicated to making the refining process as easy and smooth as possible for everyone.

We offer a variety of shipment and packaging options and have a solution for any quantity, material and shipment.

Whether you’re shipping a few grams or a few pounds of bench sweeps, we have the perfect shipping solution for you.

No matter where you live, Use the carrier of your choice and ship your material directly to us.


You need a container to start collecting your scrap.
We’ll ship you a container free of charge.



You already have scrap material ready to be refined.

Request padded prepaid secure shipping envelope

Within a week you should receive your NOR Metals padded envelope, which includes free return shipping label and insurance as well as instructions on how to return it.

You want to arrange a pick up for your materiel
with UPS/Fedex or our staff. Free of charge for you

Request a pick up

Let us arrange the all the shipping labels and details for you We can provide insured FedEx pickup wherever you are within hours – you won’t have to leave your office.

You are not sure about which option to choose?

REQUEST A CALL from our sales associate

Be sure to include all of your contact information including name, address, daytime phone and e-mail address if you have one.

Please remember to include your phone number so we can contact you if we have questions about your order.

You can also send the material directly to us via USPS or any other shipping company of your choosing! In this case please make sure to include the order sheet and to pack the scrap securely.

How to track

Once your package of precious metal scrap has been sent, you can get tracking and delivery information. For instant online tracking, you can enter your UPS or Post mail tracking number by clicking the Track Shipment buttons below and entering your shipment information. Every Shipment has its own unique tracking number.